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The Project

The lack of a true publishing movement in Bahia, paradoxically the home of so many cultural values, has always caused concern among authors, communicators and everyone interested in literature and publishing.

The Casa de Palavras (House of Words) Publishing Project was created to fill that gap and attempt to reverse that process by publishing the results of projects and research undertaken through the Fundação Casa de Jorge Amado, as well as providing a means of spotlighting Bahian themes and writers.

Because the main focus of Fundação Casa de Jorge Amado’s work is on writing and literature, the foundation is much more than a Research and Documentation Center. It was also conceived as a center for disseminating actions aimed at producing literary works, hailing and spotlighting writers’ professional activities and thereby fulfilling one of the articles of its constitution.

Born under the aegis of the literary journal Exu, the foundation’s Publishing Program arose from the need to organize publications, publish research and documents originating from the foundation’s collection and the critical mass produced by the Fundação Casa de Jorge Amado’s seminars, lectures and studies.

Because it deals with an extremely dynamic sector and engages in a broad range of action in the community, this program is being consolidated not only through the publication of Exu, but through the Casa de Palavras (House of Words) Collection, whose varied range of publishing lines are taking on the characteristics of a publishing house that is accredited by and affiliated with the Brazilian National Publishers’ and Booksellers’ Syndicate (SNEL).

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