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The foundation Casa de Jorge Amado is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization with the mission to preserve the archives of Jorge Amado; promote and support studies about the author and about Bahian art and literature; create a forum for discussion about Bahian culture, in particular about the struggle to overcome racial and socioeconomic discrimination.

The Casa aims to keep the memory of Jorge Amado alive. Since it was inaugurated, the Casa de Jorge Amado has housed a permanent exhibition of documents, photographs, books, adaptations, and personal objects. On display as well are the prizes Jorge Amado won and photographs Zélia Gattai took, documenting the life of the author.

Today, the Fundação Casa de Jorge Amado is considered a point of reference in the cultural geography of Salvador.

In 1982, Jorge Amado celebrated his 70th birthday and 50 years of publishing literature. At that time, some institutions in Brazil and other countries pressured the author to donate his literary archive so that it could be studied and preserved. But his wife, the writer Zélia Gattai, opposed the idea because the archive belonged to Baianos and thus deserved to stay in Bahia.

Two years later the writer Myriam Fraga—The executive director led the organization until February 2016—brought up the need to establish a space to store the archive of Jorge. The director of the Federal University of Bahia at the time, Germano Tabacof, proposed to begin the work of organizing the documents that had been to this day kept at Jorge’s house in Rio Vermelho.

In 1986, the Foundation Casa de Jorge Amado was created, and inaugurated March 7, 1987. The foundation relied on the fundamental support from Zélia Gattai. Jorge and Zélia could visit the institution established in their honor.

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